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3 Things, That Not Only Do People Struggle With The Most, But They Make The Most Excuses For!

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I empower individuals to unlock their true potential by breaking through the barriers that hinder their success. My mission is to guide and mentor individuals in overcoming challenges in their wellness, finances, and mindset. Through open and honest collaboration, I help them achieve holistic growth and realise their aspirations. Join me on this transformative journey towards a balanced and thriving life.

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Jason Gregory

I come from a background in Business Development with IT. Working in the City Of London in the square mile where all of the money is made. Having experience within this area and dealing with corporate clients, it was enough for me to know that this was not what I wanted to do with my life. So I diversified into 2006   

Entering into the Wellness niche, I found my place and my passion. So I aligned myself with a company that shared my core values and went on the build a global business within the Direct Selling industry.

I also expanded my reach through my Mindset Coaching and I have spoken on the international stage.

From the request of people outside of my organisation, I developed a coaching program called "The P.O.A.P Initiative" which takes people on a journey of discovery, which starts with their Perception and ends with their Performance!

My goal is to help as many people as I can reach their full potential, so that they in turn can have an impact on lives that can be generational.

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Father, Mentor, Friend!


What Are You Experiencing?


Does This Sound Like You?

  • Do you feel like... you are unfulfilled or stagnant in their current job?
  • Does it seem... You struggle to find meaning or passion in your work?
  • Do you....Feel like you've missed opportunities or made wrong choices?
  • Have you.....Tried an opportunity in the past and it did not work out?
  • Have you been...Watching your peers progress, while feeling stuck?
  • Have you been....Ignoring your health, despite not feeling great?
  • Also are you......Struggling with energy levels and overall well-being?

If any of these points resonate with you, then we need to speak


What Others Say About Jason's Guidance


"Jason Gregory is an amazing mentor. I feel very privileged to be working with him. He has so much patience and and such great skills. I would not be in the place I am in my business if I didn't have his expertise help.."

Zeenat, Harrow, UK


"Jason Gregory - is an exceptional mentor who speaks from the heart and is proof of the teaching he endorses.The only caveat here is - if you want to be successful in this lndustry follow this leader......"

Pedro, High Wycombe, UK


"I met Jason Gregory two years ago
I Loved his trainings SO Much that
I get up at 3:30am every Sat morning to attend them I went from thinking I can't do this, to knowing
NO One Can Stop ME
I can’t wait to see what the Future Holds

Kathy, Chicago, USA

My Offers

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Epigentic Nutrition

Epigenetic nutrition plays a pivotal role in influencing how our genes express themselves, ultimately shaping our health and well-being. By understanding the interaction between our lifestyle choices and gene expression, we can optimise cellular repair processes, promoting healthy ageing and overall vitality. The products I promote  are strategically crafted to harness the power of epigenetics, providing essential nutrients and compounds that support optimal gene function and cellular rejuvenation. With a focus on enhancing genetic expression and promoting longevity, the products are uniquely positioned to nurture holistic wellness and empower individuals to thrive at every stage of life.

  • ​Are You Struggling With Tiredness, See how good nutrition can help you.
  • Are You Dealing With Joint And Back Pain? The body was designed to run on good nutrition.
  • Are You Fearful Of Conditions That Run Through Your Family? See how by making the right Epigenetic choices can turn things around.
  • Do You Just Want To Age Healthily? We should never take our health for granted at any age!
  • ​Is Your Weight An Issue?, How about not just loosing it but keeping it of!
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Business Offer

This Is A Real Home Business Opportunity

Having a home business is a brilliant idea as it allows you to leverage your time effectively, getting more accomplished in less time by harnessing the combined efforts of your team. The recognition received for the hard work put into the business is truly gratifying. The income potential is boundless for individuals ready to invest the necessary effort to succeed, offering a platform for acquiring new skills and honing existing ones. Moreover, the personal growth experienced throughout the entrepreneurial journey is invaluable, fostering resilience, creativity, and a continuous drive for improvement.

  • ​Are You Happy With Your Current Lifestyle? If not, in order for things to change, you have to change
  • Does Working Part-Time On Your Dream Make Sense To You? You build this around your current commitments
  • ​Can You Put Yourself In The Position To Be Taught And Guided? If so there is nothing stopping you from succeeding
  • Are You Willing To Not Let FEAR Stop You?   F - False E -Evidence A - Appearing R - Real   Flip It Around!  R - Reality  A - Actioned  E - Effectively  through F - Faith


Jason's Thoughts
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